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o/~ a very merry UNBIRTHDAY to me o/~


I appreciate you guys all trying to wish me a happy birthday, but my birthday is not on a Wednesday this year. Which means it wasn't last Wednesday, and it wasn't today. ;) And I'm not sure if I should be horrified 'cause y'all are trying to make me older than I am, or just greatly amused.

Granted, this seems to have happened because I mentioned a countdown last tuesday, and then made my annual manic-depression anniversary observation this morning.

I mean, I'm horribly amused, since it seems like people just aren't understanding my crazy moon language. ;)

So, hold off for a couple days, gang, and I assure you that you'll have the chance. ;) Friday's the day.


While I'm thinking about it, another round of Good Idea/Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Wearing the t-shirt that horribly degenerates your rival school during rivalry week.
Bad Idea: Wearing said t-shirt to an appointment with a alum of your rival school, when she's doing a favour for me.

Yeah, this dawned on me this morning, so I put the rivalry shirt up for Friday and Saturday and wore my shirt from the city that took Juan on the chin. ;)
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