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supermarket turf wars!

<katster> yeah. that and I came across a neat oddity.
<katster> there's three safeway stores with the same address as albertsons...
<Zibblsnrt> kat: ahh?
<katster> yeah. I don't know why.
<katster> I'm not sure what to do about these three entries, probably leave them.
<Zibblsnrt> kat: duplex-ish arrangements?
<katster> Zibb: for supermarket competetors? I mean, I've heard of strange things, but...
<Zibblsnrt> kat: point. I don't know who's who there, remember ;)
<katster> yeah, yeah.
<katster> I just figured...I mean, if one was a food store and one was a drug store, I could write that off, but...
<Zibblsnrt> Hmm, yeah
* katster is pondering leaving them and saying "and sometimes there's just screwy data..."
<Zibblsnrt> Maybe there's a turf war and those buildings are devastated no-man's-lands of register-tape fencing and juiced-up price guns
* NickM snerks.
<NickM> Why am I envisioning hordes of stock clerks firing handheld laser-terminal scanners at each other?
<William> Nick: Beefed up to do actual damage to flesh, of course.
<NickM> Oh, of course.
<katster> this is getting LJ'd.

[oh yeah, everybody here has an LJ. mine's obviously katster, Zibb and NickM are respectively zibblsnrt and nickm, and William's is inflection]
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