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A year of katster, via first sentences.

Moved to Sacramento. I've posted this once before, but it seems to fit. We were told to do our initials in Illustrator. I nearly forgot. Dude, it's RFM! *does the student loan consolidation process tango* Okay, putting the laptop away so I can get to where my ride is leaving from so that I can make it to deyo and mactavish's little shindig over in the bay area. I'm updating my livejournal at the library! (Can you tell that katster's discovered terragen?) You open a box and find a faux leatherman, a Canadian flag patch, a pirate card, a rosary, a well-thumbed copy of Selected Poems of T.S. Eliot, a Quebec flag and 12 Canadian quarters. It's a start. (argh, and the picture didn't post. grr.)

...hmmm, non-sensical. Just like me.
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