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Of all the teams to take down USC, it's Stanford...

So what does a good Cal fan do when Stanford pulls a Luke Skywalker and takes out the Death Star *cough* USC?

Cheer them on, of course. Tonight, one night only, I'm swallowing my hatred of our arch-rivals and saying, "Damn! Backup quarterback, USC's house, and you manage to take them down? Way to go, Jim Harbaugh. Way to go, Cardinal. You *rock*."

If Florida had managed to seal the deal against LSU, I'd probably be waking up tomorrow to find Cal in a place I honestly never would have ever in a million years expected them -- Number One. But LSU came back, so it's probable Cal will be number two (although Ohio State could leapfrog us). And we owe a large chunk of it to Stanford.

It's a funny position to be in, but hey, for one night only, I'll like red. Go Cardinal. :)
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