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minigolf is serious business.


The rules for minigolf, at the local set of holes:

  • Limit yourself to 4 compatible players or less.

  • Pay cashier, do not pay at golf club counter.

  • Non-paying players cannot enter heaven. They will receive offensive insults and free nights in the city jail.

  • Beware of the piranha...Please no swimming or wading in the ponds. Attendant will replace balls which hide in ponds or flower planters.

  • No striking opponents with clubs. Do not swing club above knees.

  • If a misbehaving ball leaves the fairway - replace it where it left. One stroke penalty.

  • If a ball snuggles against a curb, you may move it out 6 inches without penalty or ridicule from your fellow players.

  • After five strokes, pick up your ball. Mark '6' on your scorecard and go to the next hole without swearing.

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