the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

I have a new blog

So my friends Zibb and Mal, and I have started a new blog where we’re talk science fiction and fantasy, in all corners of the media world from books to movies to games. You can find us over at Conceptual Neighborhood and while we’re still ramping up, there’s some good stuff there. (PS: thanks [info]lirazel for the name suggestion.)

I will probably still post here occasionally about things I’m thinking of that don’t necessarily fit the baliwick of Conceptual Neighborhood.

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Tags: blogging, conceptual neighborhood, fandom, my life, science fiction, writing
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Is there any RSS feed so I can drag it into my LJ feed so I remember to look? >_>

I tried to add the feed myself because I do have a permanent account. And I sent in a support request, but browsing the support requests, I found this:

"The problem with pennyarcaderss feed is caused by the source feed being redirected to https address (instead of previously used http), and such addresses are not currently proceeded correctly by LiveJournal. Other feeds leading to https sources are affected by this issue too, and would be fixed altogether. Unfortunately, Support Team doesn't have any information on exact time frame for bug-fixes."

So! I ran it through feedburner. That works. You can now find it at <;lj user="concepthood_fee">. (Didn't know LJ would cut it off...