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Minor annoyances...

Got a question to ask around the LJ crew and see if anybody can come up with a solution.

Here's the thing. Around here, the two major tasks are cooking dinner and doing the dishes. It's expected that the person cooking dinner will attempt to clean up after themselves (putting the can opener away, wiping the counter when they make a mess, making sure cooking dishes make it over to the sink, and things like that.) The person doing dishes (usually) has to put away dinner, get the dishes in the dishwasher, and clean off the counter, as well as putting things away.

So, a few nights ago, we had mashed potatoes. And Mom walked into the kitchen after dinner and found quite the disaster area with regards to them, and Jill got in trouble. And rightly so, we'd just gotten the lecture the night before about what was expected.

Tonight, we had mashed potatoes again. And it was a fscking disaster area again. She didn't learn at all from the last time. And I've cleaned it all up, but it annoys me she can get away with this.

My mom says to warn her, and if it happens again, that one of two things will happen. Either my sister and I will have to both cook and do dishes together (which will result in fights, which get us into more can't win around here) or one of us will cook and do dishes on the same night (which can, depending on what's being cooked, eat six or seven hours at times.) Neither are optimal solutions, and both involve punishing me for what are my sister's transgressions.

But at the same time, I'm tired of her not listening to what Mom says, and cleaning up after her.

So...what do I do?

[Oh yeah, general note, this is just a minor annoyance, and I'm still in a damned good mood...]
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