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It's late at night and the stars are deep
I'm okay, I don't need sleep
I've been sleeping for quite some time
I'm ready to dance with the devil's daughter
I don't need to walk on water
When I know that I can run on wine
Kathy Mar, "Merlin"

A beautiful track. I'm not sure what it's quite about besides a take on the Arthurian Legends, but I recommend you check out all her songs. I don't know why this quote has struck me rather hard, but it has. I don't know why. Just one of those things.

I didn't get a thing done yesterday. the room got slightly more clean, but that's about it. The puppydog needs to go for her shots at noon today. Mom could be home today. We still don't know for sure. I wish the doc would make up his mind, but it's all based on her counts. Which that's the good thing. The platlet problems that started this whole longer exist. There's definite improvement. We're gonna continue the chemo treatments and stuff (it would be REALLY dumb not to), but...we may have the beast licked. And this is really, really, REALLY good news.

Oh yeah, and in the fun with photoshop category, I present Britney, the dog:

Britney (original shot)Britney (in mosaic form)

And yeah, I'm biased, but she's the most beautiful dog in the world. :)

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