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I'm going to bed now...

I've discovered this cool new group, called Nickel Creek. They're really good, and I'm impressed. Impressed enough that I'm going to go out and get a CD as soon as I get the chance and the money. (Yeah, I use mp3s to scope out groups and see what I like...which is the whole point of them, I suspect).

Anyway, any group that names a song "In the House of Tom Bombadil" is okay in my book, but some of the songs are pretty amazing. Right now, I'm listening to "A Lighthouse's Tale", which is beautiful and evocative about the life of a lighthouse, as he watches his keeper deal with utter tragedy. Beautiful song, if sad.

Another one, entitled "When You Come Back Down", is beautiful in its lyrics. It's about love over distance. And I can hear somebody else speaking to me as I hear the lyrics. It's a weird feeling finding that--but really good. And that's about all I can say about that song. These two have quickly become my favourites.

They're folksy and bluegrassy, which makes them very nice listening, and they do some amazing things with fiddles and guitars. I'm impressed.

My day went fairly well, even though I accomplished nothing. Expect dinner. I made dinner, and I did not burn it, nor did I burn the house down (Hi Zibby!). Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

So now I'm off to finish the first half of Fellowship of the Rings and sleep. Sounds good to me.

Night LJ world!

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