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Answering graduate school supplementary questions for the University of Washington Information School...

What is your ideal job/career/position?

Ideally, I would like to be either a professor or a librarian. Both careers seem to me to strike a balance between the world of people and the world of information. They both have the power and ability to steer people in directions those people would have never thought possible. They are both unheralded jobs, but they are important. As well, I confess, I just like the thought of working with all those books.

What is the most significant opportunity/challenge facing information professionals today?

The inclusion of computers and the Internet into everyday society is what I find to be both the most significant opportunity and challenge facing information professionals today. On the one hand, you have people who never would have known the other existed before the Internet interacting and sharing information in new and interesting ways. This is the opportunity. The challenge, however, is threefold: keeping ourselves from getting swamped in information; keeping the information flow from slowing to a trickle; and allowing everybody access to the information. The first two require a careful balance of information flow, the last means finding new and creative ways to provide information to those who would otherwise not have access.

Why should we admit you?

You should admit me because I will bring an interesting perspective to the graduate program. I am, by my degree, in the humanities, but I like the technical side of things as well. I have triumphed despite being seriously ill throughout most of my college career, so I don't quit easily. I am resourceful, determined, and friendly. I can work well with all sorts of people. I also like rain and clouds; thus, I will not mind Seattle's weather.

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