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more bookreading.


Alright, been reading through LotR. I just finished Book 3 (the first half of Two Towers) and I've got to say this much.

Gandalf rocks. He's easily my favourite character thus far, as I sit at the halfway point. And strangely enough, in some ways, he reminds me of one of my own. I'm surprised, considering I've *never* read LotR before, but...yeah. Wow.

And there's some ideas brewing for where to go in requiem 3 and 4. But we'll see how it works out. Some ideas from my reading crossing with other ideas...we'll see where it goes, but I'll let them percolate a bit longer.

Things have been going well in my life since last Thursday. Really, really well. :) But I'll talk about them more later. Still a few more things I've got to do before I can really talk about them. Anyway...

There's a cat snoozing on my bed, and I need to get up at 3 AM. I should take the hint and go to bed. So, g'night LJ world!

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