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The Pope likes the net, but...

Pope John Paul says that the Internet caters to the best and worst of human
nature and needs regulation to stop depravity flooding cyberspace. He
warned that while it offered access to immense knowledge, the Internet did
not necessarily provide wisdom and could easily be perverted to demean human
dignity. ``Despite its enormous potential for good, some of the degrading
and damaging ways the Internet can be used are already obvious to all.
Public authorities surely have a responsibility to guarantee that this
marvelous instrument serves the common good and does not become a source of
harm.'' Although the Pope does not have an e-mail address, the Vatican has
an active Web site ( and the Church is reportedly searching
for a patron saint of Internet users.
[Source: Pope Says Internet 'Wonderful' but Needs Regulating, by Crispian
Balmer 22 Jan 2002, via Reuters; PGN-ed after DM's snipping]

I love RISKS. %)

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