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an eternity, or so it feels.

Session Start: Sun Jan 26 03:02:45 1997's an IRC timestamp on a log, in Atlantic Standard Time. It was in something Zibby tossed me last summer for my own edification, but, short of going and digging for the actual log which may or may not be timestamped...

...this is as close as I'm going to get to determining the date that I first showed up on the previous incarnation of my current IRC channel. This is as close as I'm going to get to knowing when I started hanging out with one of the most fascinating groups of people I've ever known.

So, hi gang, and to some special people within that like Zibby and Ari and Mal and Cal and Damo, and Blue and Pupp and Aris and Ship and Will and keeb and MD and Fire, and a whole other host of people whom I'd never remember everybody even if I was to sit here and try.

Here's to five years.

Now I'll adjourn to have a quiet and subdued celebration somewhere as only half of the two people I'd most want to celebrate with are there.

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