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I should be sleeping. :P it's almost 4:30 AM, and I have things I need to do tomorrow. But I can't sleep. Too much on my mind to worry about. Headaches that won't go away no matter what I do to make them go away. People who find that they must defend even the most despicable and vile of human beings. And, of course, musing over the nature of words.

Yes, words. As a tool for communication, they're pretty handy. But the way some people can manuver them to make them say things they were never meant to say -- that is a skill that I am in awe of, even when I'm faced with them being twisted back in my face. One of my long standing goals has been to be a professional author, and manipulating words is sorta a requirement of the job, y'know. But there's this one He's managed to change the terms of the debate so that something he did to hurt me is now something I did to hurt him.

And that makes me angry and frustrated. How do you counter the words of a master manipulator? How do you make it clear that you didn't do anything? How do you make him hear what he obviously doesn't want to hear?

My friend ameth wrote about a similiar thing in her last journal entry, and I suspect (although we haven't compared notes to be sure) that one of the four people she's ranting about is the same as the one I am.

With this crap, it's no wonder I feel a bit cynical. I think I'll try to sleep now.

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