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peeves and worries/my new toy

I should be asleep right now, seeing as I most likely will be drug out of bed at 7 to get mom to her doctor's appt on time...but I can't sleep. Too much on my mind. In random decreasing order...

1. CCNA exam -- I'm gonna try to take that the first week in July, prolly the...hmmm, lesse about this. Shoot for Friday July 6th ATM. Need to check with Mom about that date and make sure I have no appointments then. If not, it'll prolly be July 11th or 12th. But it's a big worry, and I fear I'm forgetting everything...or never learned it in the first place... :P

2. People who don't/can't/won't give other people the same regard they would give themselves. People who can't take a clue even if it was pounded into them. And then these people turn around and have the audacity to claim other people don't understand them...when, if they'd just listened and paid attention and not dismissed the ideas because, well, somebody else said them, the problem of not understand probably wouldn't exist.

3. People who read themselves into any innocuous statement. this annoys the hell out of me. You know, just because I, say, like pink flowers, doesn't mean I don't like you. Then again, it may. You'd have to ask me to know, wouldn't you? But just because it might have something to do with you isn't reason for you to run around screaming that the world is over.

4. The random six billion illnesses I put up with every day...that bothers me. But for obvious reasons.

5. The state of the world today. But it's a low level worry, 'cause there ain't much I can do about it.

6. My friends' mental and physical health. It's been crapola every day for an entire month, and it starts WEARING on people, and I can see them starting to snap. Especially since we can't do anything about the cause of the stress, and when we try to be proactive, we get it thrown back in our face. One friend gets to deal with wild new rumors spread about her every day. Whee.

7. People who drive folks away and then whine and cry because the person they drove away won't speak to them. C'mon. Any hint your behaviour may have caused this undesirable state? No.

8. People who leave things behind for years and expect them to be the same when they get back.

9. Mom. Mom is a big worry even though she's getting better, 'cause I'm so afraid I'm gonna get her sick again... :P

On a happier note, picked up my new Game Boy Advance and a game. Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. The game is difficult, I'm working on the level 2 boss at the moment. The GBA is cool, though, even though I don't have any specific GBA games yet. it's kinda neat to think that it is as powerful as two of the consoles in my stack of Ninendo (the NES, the SNES, and the N64), and yet it's smaller than my Game Boy Color. Wow. It's nifty. Technology marches forward and things like that. And the old Game Boy paks stick out the top. That's ultracool.

Anyway, that's just to point out there was a minor bright spot despite all these worries and peeves. I'm gonna go to bed now, I think...hopefully things will continue to get better and some of my worries/peeves will go away. But I kinda doubt it.

forever the optimist, I am. :P

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