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long and funny sentences.

"I went to the store, because I desired milk, because I usually drink coffee in the morning, and I had no milk in my refridgerator, and I prefer milk with my coffee, for I dislike the taste of black coffee, as it is bitter and sharp, and burns my soul, and I prefer my soul to remain unburnt as God wills all souls to be, aside from those of the Heretic, which is cleansed with holy fire anyway."

zibblsnrt gave me this sentence as a demonstration of how the writing was in a paper he was studying. it clocked in at 72 words. I'm still amused with it a week later, so I decided to share with all you guys.

Anyway, yeah, I've been a busy katster the last few days, but I've got some time to write, so I'm going to do so. So keep an eye out for a couple fun posts before the weekend is out. :)

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