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o/~ I'll Zelda in the mornin', I'll Zelda in the evenin'...all over this town... o/~

If you can't guess, that's pretty much what I spent all day doing. Zelda, Zelda, Zelda. More Zelda than you can shake a stick at. I even Zelda'd in the dentist's office, much to the amusement of my dentist. I'm trying to get the game done so I can hand it over to mom and not be obsessed because it's not finished. Next, I'll get OA, and give mom OS and my old GB color. Anyway, it's been fun, even if I did have to replay a good two hours of my game because... I forgot to save! :P

Cavities got filled today. The back teeth are a little sore, 'cause the silver filling is still trying to set, and they warned me it might be sensitive to cold for a while. And a bit of pain too because, simply, they fiddled in my mouth. It's just like orthodontist work.

Keeping an eye on a few situations. Not thrilled with a few things, but until I can write them down and inform the person, I'm not really gonna talk about 'em. I just suspect things are about to get interesting in the chinese sense.

Anyway, I'd better go to bed, Jill just woke up and told me to go to bed. :P (And if I tell her to do anything, I get "You're not my mother!" immediately snapped back at me.) Going to the fair tomorrow, whee.

Anyway, sleep, so I can study tomorrow and be ready for more interesting situations. G'night LJ world!

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