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all that worry...for nothing.

Checking my email tonight...


We have recommended to the UC, Berkeley Graduate Division that you be
admitted to the Master's program in Information Management and Systems.
Your selection was based on a careful review from among a large number
of applicants. Your application greatly impressed the members of the
selection committee and we look forward to you joining us at Berkeley
this fall.

Please note that at this point your application is only recommended for
admission. The Graduate Division at UC Berkeley actually offers formal
admission. Although this is more or less a formality, you are still not
technically admitted until you receive the admission letter from the
Graduate Division. I expect you will receive this letter within the
next few weeks. You may receive a letter requesting further
information/documentation. If that is the case, feel free to contact me
and I'll work with you to make sure everything is taken care of as
quickly as possible.

[email continues with student information...]

I MADE IT! I MADE IT! I'm going to Cal! Again! :D!!!
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