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Life is fair. %)

Went to the fair this evening. There's not a lot of reason for an adult to go, most of the cool rides are meant for somebody with a smaller frame than me, and it's crowded. But there's something about strolling down the midway, carnies barking for you to come try their ride or play their game, and it brings back memories of when I was younger. It's a nice feeling. And even if I am too old to ride the merry-go-round, so what? It's still a lot of fun to climb up on that horse, and ride it in circles. And when you can convince your 18-year-old sister that you're in a horse's nice. Made it all worth it after we knocked the hell out of each other with the bumper cars.

The music I'm listening to at the moment is from my friend's band. It's pretty cool, I haven't had a chance to compliment him on it yet, but it's really good. Niiiiice job.

and in the "I'm a moron" category, I've just managed to hurt two of my good friends with an ill-timed comment...shouldn't chat and try to be funny when tired, I guess. Words suck.

now if I can get the neverending situations to end, so I can get rid of these damned psoriasis patches on the back of my neck that pop up every single time I'm under prolonged stress. Miserable part of existance, and it's...*sigh* I guess I need a vacillation...err, vacation.

*sigh* Anyway, be happy, be happy, think happy thoughts...

Oh yeah, won a cool picture of Taz jumping out of an airplane. Underneath it, it says, "Courage is absolute trust in your own abilities, only fear can keep you grounded." Guess I need to learn how to trust myself a bit more...

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