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Sitting in an envelope in the living room, waiting to be mailed out, is the paperwork to enroll at UC Berkeley for my master's degree. So, in a week, I should be an official incoming Cal graduate student.

Which means I need to start making all these plans for my return to the Bay Area...eek, my head is going to explode. But I'm gonna be so glad to be back in the Bay Area, if just for the ability to go goof off in San Francisco whenever I so feel like it. And being able to sit in the student section for yet another season of Bears football. Able to hang out with Luns, and goof around in the OCF whenever I feel like it. And yeah, just most of the wonders that come with hanging out on a major university campus. And it's not boringtown.

Speaking of which, one of these days, remind me to talk about Boringtown. But not tonight, it's time for this katster to go to sleep. Just wanted to share that I know where I'm going to be this coming August... :)

Stand for right, let there be light/ California, here's to thee...!

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