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an old memory and sheer randomness...

Late last night, as I'm sitting in bed staring at the ceiling, a memory came out of the woodwork. And it seemed interesting enough to write about.

It was 1997, the heady days at the end of my freshman year. I was a newbie Jihaddi, joining right in the middle of the latest and greatest flame war. I was trying to ignore it, of course, it was politics from before I was a Jihaddi. But when you're a newbie, everything seems magnified, and I feared we were seeing the end of the Jihad.

(The Jihad, for those of you who don't know, is a group of roleplayers writing in a shared universe. Although, it seems what they do most of the time is sit around on IRC and chat. See for more information. Back to my memory.)

And then she came along. She portrayed herself as part angel/part mage, which was cool to me because I was nowhere towards having a character yet, or if I was, it was the faint outlines of the character who would later become known as Katze Brenner, Jihaddi extraordinare. ;) Seeing somebody with a complete character, somebody who had been in the Jihad at the time of Slurp...well, it gave me a sense of history of this organization to go with the official history.

We spent days hanging out in her channel, the name of which is lost to time. Most of it was spent doing tricks off the bounce pads and talking about creating a New Jihad to put the fun back in the game. And some of the time we argued philosophy. It was a real enjoyable time, all things considered.

And then she disappeared. To this day, I wonder what happened to that person.


Wanted to send the 'grats out to Calculus. He's somebody who's been my friend since those heady days of 1997, and in fact gave me one of the first user accounts on herring. He's an amazing guy.

Cal is one of those positive examples of how age doesn't matter on the internet. I remember him confessing to us one May day in '97 at how young he was and Ari and I being shocked as all get out at how old he really was. We'd pegged him for eighteen at least.

And now, at an age where most teenagers are concerned about getting their driver's licenses and worrying about who they're going to the prom with and maybe giving a thought on where they're going to go to college...Cal is concerned about getting his driver's licence and graduating from college.

My hat is off to you, right now, Cal. Congratuations, and I'm awfully glad I have you as a friend.

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