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It's a beautiful morning...

Decided to take Brit out to go potty before I went to bed. I'm not normally awake for sunrises, but this morning I was. The sky is this beautiful shade of pastel blue, and the leftover remnants of clouds from the rain we had passing through yesterday are tinged with pink. The fog was coming out of the ground as it's wont to do in these parts (this is where the dread tule fogs come from), because of all the moisture in the soil. It's cold out, but not cold enough to warrant a jacket (and I stood out there for ten minutes in bare feet). It's about maybe 40 F (~5C, for those who aren't the americans). And it's gorgeous. I loved watching Britney make tracks through the dew.

Spring is most definitely in the air, I could feel my spirits being lifted just by standing out there.

Anyway, my alarm is set for twelve thirty, and I'm *really* headed off to bed now. I promise. Just wanted to share.


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