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Well, I have a final today. I'm a bit nervous, but I think I'm going to do okay. I'll at least get a B in the class, I'm pretty sure. And I won't have this class to stress me anymore after this point, which gives me the time to get caught up in Java and AbPsych and Cisco.

Next week is spring break around these parts. I'm going to start packing up this room, do some homework, and generally enjoy my time off. My mom and sister are going to disappear to Davis to find Jill a place to stay next week, which leaves me alone with my dad. And Dad works, so...

I basically will have the house to myself. it's gonna be great.

In other news, I got purple grape pez, which is my favourite. But I hear rumours of other flavours of pez beyond the grape, strawberry, lemon, and orange? I will have to find out more...

But anyway, it is off to school for me, and one final and one java program to do! woot.

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