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dunno where this is going

It's a convo snippet that popped in my head after listening to "Breaking of the Fellowship" over and over, especially the lyrics at the end. I don't know what will come of this, if anything. But maybe if I just start writing down the odd bits that come into my mind, maybe someday something of substance might appear. Take it as you will. Oh yeah, no stage directions are marked or anything, I just hear the voices arguing, with no idea where it's taking place.

"We have to leave here."

"But this has been our home for thousands of years! We can't just clear out tomorrow!"

"We are slowly gaining no choice but to leave."

"We cannot leave."

"We must leave, or the People will fail to exist."

"Why must we leave?"

"There is no future here. Not for us, not for anybody. The world is slowly destroying itself, and us with it. As if the sins of our fathers are rotting the core of this world itself!"

"We cannot leave."

"Our children's children will become the mauraders. We will fail to exist as a People if we do not leave now! It is Malaki's deed, as it was Malaki's word that brought us here!"

"Things are good here. The vinyards are producing their best vintage, our farmers are getting the most for their soil. It was a hard struggle, but times are good now. We have no reason to leave beyond the protestations of a divine madman!"

"Divine madman? Oh Joloch, if only that is what I were, it would be much simpler that way. But I say thusly, the People must leave, or they shall be forced to. If they do not leave of their own free will, plows will be smashed to provide weapons, and the grapes that provide the hallowed vintage will rot on the vine. And the People will be scattered to the four winds if they do not heed Malaki's cry!"

"Dammit, why doesn't Malaki just leave us in peace? We cannot leave, not after we put so much sweat in making this inhospitible land habitable?"

"Malaki will provide for his people."

"If Malaki was providing for his people, he would not force us into exile again!"

"Malaki is nothing but just. Prepare to leave, or prepare for destruction."

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