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Well, I finally took the plunge...

My very first alt.callahans post:

Subject: [HELLO] Just Dropping In...

It wasn't an ordinary day in Callahan's (but then again, what day is?). Quiet conversation lofted from the different groups scattered around the bar, a few arguements broke out over the world situation or the flavour of Girl Scout cookies, and the occassional glass was sent flying into the fireplace. Mike took the few seconds where he was free from filling drink requests to wipe the bar...

...only to pull back as a figure came tumbling out of the rafters smack dab onto the bar, sending a navy blue baseball cap flying. "Ouch," the figure said, before pulling herself up to a sitting position on the bar. "I've been meaning to unrafter and drop in, but I didn't expect it to happen so literally." She grins. "Guess that's what I get for getting so into your conversations that I forget to hang on."

Mike picked up the navy blue baseball cap from where it had landed behind the bar and handed it back to the girl. She carefully straightened it up, and the patronage can see the logo of a certain well known West Coast institution of higher learning.

The girl grinned again. "I guess an introduction is called for. I'm Katrina, although I'm often referred to as either Kat or katster, the latter having been my net.nick for about six years now. I'm also the Girl in the Cal Hat, having made this baseball cap my personal trademark in real life despite the gnashing and groaning my mother does over my wearing it. 'Girls don't wear baseball caps!' is her protest. Well, I'm not your typical girl.

"I'm a die hard fanatic of Cal football and basketball. I also hold a bachelor's degree (BA, History, Class of 2000) from that esteemed institution. In the past couple weeks, I've found that I've been accepted to the master's program in Information Systems at Cal, so I'll be back there this fall. As you can probably imagine, this makes me very happy.

"Lesse, what else is there to know about me in way of brief introduction? I'm a science fiction junkie, and a bit of a writer (although these days I'm having writer's block issue up the wazoo). I'm a bit to the left with my politics. And, ummm, I like Spider's books, which is where I heard about the Place in the first place, in the back of my copy of _The Callahan Chronicles_.

"I'm also attempting to do the long-distance relationship thing with a very wonderful guy up in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (I'm in California, so it's a very long distance...) So, if I refer, in the course of my postings to Patrick or Zibby, that's him. And I'm working on getting him to rafter here, but with his only newsgroup access being Google Groups, I don't think that's going to happen soon.

"Anyway, I hope you folks won't mind having me around and maybe participating in a few of the threads here and starting a few of my own. But I think for tonight, I'm just going to collapse in one of the soft armchairs down here, those rafters are heck to balance on. And I think I need an aspirin..."

Kat hops off the bar and puts the baseball cap back on her head. She then collapses into the nearest armchair and waits for a conversation to get involved in.

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