the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster

well, this one took a bit of work to get running...

but after much hassling around with jdk versions (I didn't have one with Swing, and I needed one with Swing to get the java LJ client working), I managed to get the Java LJ client to compile.

Next thing, is of course figuring out how the code works. I might be able to contribute somewhat with this once my java skillz get a bit better. Still, it's nice for learning purposes.

Yeah, so I'll go to bed now. Sue me, I couldn't sleep. Insomnia sucks.

there's a few things that don't work. Like you can't set moods or userpic, can't do much in the way of customposting beyond the standard friends only and private modes, and you can't select your pic. But then again, this client is very alpha. I can only see a-f on my friends list too.

the LJ client junkie strikes again! anybody got a Mac or a computer running BeOS to play with? :)

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