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this is Free Redding Resistance...

Free Redding Resistance calling any American who can hear us. This is Free Redding Resistance...

We have been invaded. They come from the Great White North, their goal is to conquer the most powerful state and thus conquer the rest of the US, so help in resisting this invasion is urgently requested. They have overwhelming air superiority for this area, and the support of the citizenry, which I do not understand...

They flew in on Thursday, May 2nd, and after doing a few loops around the airport, landed with the support of the citizenry. They immediately erected a Canukistani flag on the runway, and now they control the airport. The security the rest of the US insisted we have after September 11th immediately worked against us in trying to retake the airport, and we have nothing to bridge the gap. Thus help is urgently requested.

The following picture was snapped this afternoon at great risk by a loyal member of the resistance. She was able to escape with her life, however the picture is a bit blurry, and thus we have annotated the shot.

Help is urgently needed. Help us now, before you are slaves of the Maple Leaf yourselves.

--the Free Redding Resistance

the Canukistani invasion

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