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I need more pictures for this LJ...maybe when DS gets gimmick poster done, I can swipe Katzepic. %) And I think I have me and the Apollos around...hang on.

{wandering over to the bookcase...}

Damn...dunno where those went...

{fiddles with paint}

Damn, can't draw worth a darn with the mouse

{pulls out printer paper, makes a sketch, runs out to the scanner}

DAMN. Mom's on the computer with the scanner. :P

*sigh* anyway, you're stuck with helmethead until I can get my logo scanned. I used to sign all my friends yearbooks with the picture I want to put up. You'll see, prolly tomorrow. If it turns out okay, I might even make it my default pic.

At least until I can corner my sister enough to take a good picture of me.


As you can see by the music, I discovered Da Vinci's Notebook. I've gotten into the habit of lately downloading a few mp3s to see how I like a group. And I'd gotten a high recommendation to check out "Title of the Song".

Wow. I'm definitely buying their CD. And speaking of CD's, I need to poke Elaine and see if Wicki 6 (her group) has released a CD yet. She's the one that got me into a capella. And I need to ask her about that other group.

A cappella rocks. I wish I could sing like that. I should search for other groups like that...and well, a search for "a capella" does nothing. Maybe I need to spell it right.


Mom stole my Game Boy Advance and the latest Zelda game. Lovely. Tomorrow, I go to walmart and see if I can find the two n64 zelda titles. The best thing about it is that when she's done playing, as kinda payback for using my n64, I get the games.


...still no luck. Damn! sucks!

anyway, this has been a stream of conscious post, and I think it's time I went to bed.

night ari, night cal, night dwagin, night keebie, night kj, night everybody else...*thud*

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