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I hate homework.

I'd like folks to comment on this and tell me if it seems reasonable to you, especially if you've gotten, or are working towards, your bachelor's degree. It seems unreasonable to me, and I've been fighting with the prof on this point all's to the point that I'm getting panic attacks every time I contemplate the assignment. So...please read and comment?

The Biographical Case Study

Your project for this semester will be a biographical case study. This paper is based on your reading of a biographical book on a mental illness, as described in the DSM-IV. You will be responsible for describing the symptoms, the causes, and the treatments of the illness you choose. The Case study paper must be a mininmum of 8-10 pages in length, typed and double-speaced. This paper will be assigned in 3 parts

The First phase of the Case Study is to consist of the disorder you chose to do you paper on, the name of the book (author, publisher, date, etc.). Begin with how this disorder is diagnosed and, if possible, the prognosis of the disease. The first phase of the paper should also include a history and possible causes of the illness (etiology). This information may come from the biographical perception, as well as the text and any other clinical references you may want to incorporate. This paper should be 3-4 pages in length.

The Second phase of the Case Study shall include a current look at the disorder and the treatments availiable. This information would include the symptoms, the pathogenesis (course of development) suspected of the disorder (some disorders run in families, others are genetically transmitted, initiated by psychosocial or biological forces, etc.). Discuss the treatment plans that your biographical figure may have used and also others that may be availiable for this particular disorder. Include clinicial, as well as, psychosocial treatment modalities. This paper should also be 3-4 pages in length.

The Final phase of the Case Study will be your personal synopsis. You may use specific, cited examples from the book if you wish. In some cases, the character in your book may die before seeking treatment, or may choose only one form of treatment. In those cases, speculate or propose outcomes using other methodologies. Please express how you felt the author portrayed this disorder and if the information given was valuable to you, if so how? The conclusion to this paper should be 3-4 pages in length.

For your Final Presentation, you may use the information you have gleaned from this paper. Explain why you chose the particular topic of interest. Along with your personal Case Study review, please also put part of yourself, your creativity and interest into the presentation. You may use poems from the perspective of the character, drawings, interviews from a local psychologist, a collection of news clippings, statistics of interest with regards to this disease, interviews (audio/visual) with people who have been through similiar experiences, photos of the home, school, and business of the main character. This part of the project will perhaps be the most valuable as you add your personal perspective, interest and understanding. God speed on your personal journey.
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