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my night.


I walked six miles tonight. Out almost to Keswick Dam and back. Next time, I'll go when it's lighter, and get pictures for you all.

The light show was something incredible. David and I forgot to be scared for maybe five whole minutes because we were gaping in awe.

And the sacramento river trail is not the best place to be after dark, because there are no lights.

but it was fun.

I made my first toast in #c tonight, on this very subject, I'd like to preserve it here.

[23:33] * katster hobbles up to the line.
[23:33] * TomHaupt passes out drinks to those who need them, and listens to katster at the line.
[23:34] <katster> well...there's a reason I describe my town as "It ain't the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from there." I walked 2 1/2 miles out from the city core, into no man's land practically, and then back, with my friend.
[23:35] <katster> it got dark really fast, and we spent the last two miles in being scared half to death. It was an utter blast. And that's why I'm hobbling around the place at the moment.
[23:35] <katster> and I saw the most spectacular light show in the west, with all the planets. It was great fun.
[23:35] <katster> making your own adventures, even if it's just a walk outside city limits...
[23:35] <katster> *crash!*


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