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o/~ people should get beat up for stating their beliefs o/~

I'm a bit aggrivated tonight.

It's nothing too horrible, and I'll prolly have forgotten about it by tomorrow, but I've been trying to make a point to write this LJ from the way I feel at the moment I go to write it, and so...this is gonna stew if I don't get it out, and I won't be able to sleep, so...

Anyway, to explain, I'm a wizard on a mud. It's a mud that goes in fits and starts as people get bored and unbored with it, or so it seems to me. And there's this guy on there, I don't mind him most of the time, 'cause most of the time he's a pretty decent guy. Even if he is a bit of a nut (who isn't?)...

It started about 1:30/2 this morning, when I kinda accidentally @examine'd myself and discovered the command "spoofall". I was curious as to what it did, and so I went and caught up with him and tried it out.

Turns out it's kinda a way to make a disembodied voice on the mud. So I was having fun typing in random garbage, and watching reactions...and I was about to cut it out when I got shot. Now, yes, we have guns on the moo. And when you get a headshot (as he got lucky and did), you get sent to the penalty box...which is kinda timeout for the mud.

Anyway, I got frustrated and started in on the ;force_input on him, which just led him to kill me more. Now, guns are okay, 'cause you don't get lucky and get headshots in all the time. Knives on the other hand have an automagic "send 'em to the penalty box" on 'em. So it got to the point where he would knife me, send me back to the penalty box, and I'd get upset and ;force_input OOC crap on him, which caused him to kill me again...anyway, stupid stuff. And I'm tired of it.

So I teleport his knife away.

This gets him really irate, and when I poke my nose back in the communal IRC hangout, I find he's deopped me. Now, this wouldn't be too bad except he's still pretty upset. So I decided I'd give the knife back if he promised to quit killing me. It was getting kinda annoying. But before I could make the truce, he showed back up on the mud with a new knife that he'd @created, and killed me once more.

At this point I was irate. But I finally held my temper, beyond a "Fsck you." for doing that, and apologized. And I apologized repeatedly, that I didn't realize the spoofall command would make him all upset like that, and for escalating where i prolly shouldn't have.

In return I was kinda hoping to get an apology for getting mean on me...instead I got "I'm an asshole." And that bothered me pretty badly. As I said, I try to hold myself up to decent standards, and if I'm over a line, I wanna know so I can fix it. But finding that...well, not shared, is bothersome.

And it's that sorta thing that makes me wonder if I'm too nice.

I'm sorry, Ari, for rehashing this, it was just kinda bothering me.

As I said, it's relatively minor, but ... it's funny how things can be stupid like that.


g'night LJ world. see you tomorrow.

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