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[PocketLJ] going home

well, I'm on my way home now. Today was a productive day. I started in Berkeley about 1 this afternoon, and did the following:

I ran into Joyce, who lived with me in Stern. We talked for a while about grad skewl and life. Then I went to ask Phil (the SIMS advisor) about what numbers I had to enter. After that, I walked up to I-House by way of Haas, and took pictures. After finally getting I-House to take my credit card (funny, it finally worked when I brought them the card...), I wandered down to Sproul and turned in my financial aid forms. I then stopped by DSP, got a new Cal photo ID (which includes the all important word), and inquired into the cost of Cal football season tickets.

Last, I stocked up on blue jolt, and went to Cody's. There I bought American Gods, a book by the late Stephen Jay Gould, and a book on Java graphics classen.

It wasn't a bad trip. The most exciting part was the vibrating tire we got near Willows. and I saw my sister's apartment in Davis, that was neat.

We're dropping into Cottonwood now. So you'll be seeing this soon.


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