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fsck! fsck! fsck!

if you've been following the ongoing saga of my friends journals, you'll see them sending good thoughts my way. And here's why. My mom's sick. Weird things are happening to her, and the docs at the emergency room think it's because of one of her medications. But in the meantime, she gets to deal with the fact she literally is bruising for no reason whatsoever. And the hospital, instead of admitting her and being somewhere she could be taken care of (because, besides the bruising, she's at high risk to internal bleeding at the moment), they sent her home with the instructions NOT to be physically active, and to come back in if she suspects internal bleeding. And of course, they forgot to tell her what the signs of internal bleeding are.

Come to find out, there's been a rush on pneumonia cases in the hospitals here in boringtown, and thus the hospitals are full up. So a case that's clearly dangerous but not life threatening is sent home to rest up. And the rest of the family is trying to go on like they normally would,'s hard. And it's stupid. I know, I know, pneumonia's dangerous too. But there's a part of me that wonders just how sick you gotta be to get in the hospital these days.

stupid allergy season.


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