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The one thing I'll miss about boringtown...

I just walked outside with Britney. I live near probably one of the most major metropolitan areas in my part of the state, yet I can still make out the sky quite clearly. I know the Big Dipper (can't really see the Little one, though, streetlight directly to the north here.) and Casseopeia, and Scorpio (my birth sign), and the Milky Way in all its glory crisscrosses at zenith.

I love stars. I love being in dark places to see all the stars too.

The reason I'm forever looking up is thanks to an astronomy professor at the University of California at Berkeley. He believes firmly that teaching is a good thing for him to be doing, and his Intro to Astronomy for Non-Majors is always packed when he teaches it. They always give him the second largest lecture hall on campus too. (It's the more technologically up to date one as well, which is great).

So Alex (my prof's name) achieved his goal. One more student is looking up.

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