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another boring daily update

niiiiiiiine days.

other than that, today was an uneventful, if rollercoastery day. And now it's Four, and I'm munching on cherries.

Lesse. Today? My mom got sick. So we didn't have to clean out the garage. Which gave me some time to clean the room. I really honestly feel like I'm doing not much more than shuffling stuff around the room, though. On the other hand, I know I accomplished something by the sheer number of empty boxen I tossed into the van. *sigh* More tomorrow, after I run my mother to the doctor's, which means I need to clear a path to the alarm clock. Whee!

Need to debug linux networking, now that I put the new ethernet card back in there. In attempting to do so last night, I went out in the den to make sure the modem was on. Went eyeball to eyeball with a black widow. That was a bit freaky. I'm not usually creeped out by creepycrawlies, but I don't like black widows. And this spider looked an awful lot like one. I only looked close enough to visually confirm that *yes*, that looked like a red hourglass on its belly. Then I got my dad, the official killer of creepycrawly things that might be poisonous. He shined his light on the spider, and sure enough, that red hourglass stuck out like a crimson letter A did in Puritan times. So he doused the black widow in poison and then repeatedly whacked at the thing with a flyswatter until it was dead.

And that was prolly the most exciting event. Of course, I also am a bit worried about Patrick, but in nine days, I'll be there. *grin* And now, I will go to bed before he kills me for being up this late.

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