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o/~ they may be metallic, but they're just like me and you o/~

geeky seems to be the best thing in the presets that sums up my mood.

I mean...lesse. Today, I bought Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for my GBA. I beat the level five boss in Oracle of Seasons. My mom FINALLY has her own damn copies of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, so she can stop having me call around everywhere searching for 'em for her. I've gotten to play around on a moo with a real working subway and tram (there's talk of figuring out how they did it and fiddling around on jmoo with it). And lastly, I scheduled my date with destiny. Friday July 6th at 2 PM PDT, I go in to take my CCNA exam. And I could use as much good luck sent my way at that moment as you can spare. :)

Now if I could get some writing done and a certain problem would die down to a dull roar, and I might actually be mostly happy for once.

*wanders off thinking of the Evil Geeks and the Shiny Happy Palace of Doom*
"I have you now Evil Geeks!"
"No, you don't! We'll hack our way out!"
"No, you won't. I've taken away your keyboards. MUAHAHAHAHAAHAA!"

Villianness leaves the room, leaving the Evil Geeks tied up....

"Damn! And the witch has to be in Maui on the beach!"
"What if we email her?"
"How? She's taken away our keyboards!"
"Well, there's an exposed coax cable over there..."
"Brilliant! Shad can splice the line, and Katya can speak TCP into the line! It's worth a shot!"

Will the Evil Geeks manage to hack the line and get an email to the Bad Witch soon enough to let her know of their plight? Or will the villianness (played by Glen Close) turn them all into card carrying MCSE zombies? Tune in next week!

The Evil Geeks...coming to Saturday Morning cartoons near you.
Evil Geek #1, Controller of and all associated domains, linguistic maverick and unix sysadmin extraordinare.........Calculus
Evil Geek #2, Unix sysadmin extraordinare, Perl guru, and geek of all trades......Shadur
Evil Geek #3, Networking geek in training, master of the history book, and terrorist librarian......katster
Evil Geek #4, keeper of the words, commander of the canukistani legions, and moral support.....Zibby
and the Bad Witch is of course played by Ari.

All other similiarities, either real or imagined, are totally coincidental. Thanks to Aris, blurry, Damo, and Person Not Appearing in This Film.


Hmmm...I obviously need to lay off the goofy pills. But it's nice to be going to bed in a good mood...


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