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eight days.

can't sleep again. It's both hot and muggy, and air circulation isn't working as well as it should be. Next time, I'll just see what I can do about staying up and crashing out early.

but yeah, for lack of sleep, I've been reading Manifold: Space, and besides Stephen Baxter just completely rocking as an author, it's strangely reminding me of Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer.

And I grin, knowing it was the same person that introduced me to both Baxter and Sawyer, and I smile in the realization that even if things were to return to the way they were five years ago, even if things don't work out over the next few weeks, there's an indeliable mark there. Hell, I'm not the person I was five months ago, let alone five years. It's an odd moment of happiness.

but eight am comes early, and I should sleep.

Later this week, I need to run to Costco (film and batteries are both handy) and get a haircut.

but sleep.

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