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Things I need to do before Tuesday:

  • Go to Costco and buy batteries and film
  • Buy olives for Patrick
  • Get a little bottle of sunscreen
  • Get hairs cut
  • Refill the shampoo bottle
  • Help sister unearth suitcases
  • Clean up my #$*&$#(& room--reprieve
  • Get packed
  • Check through everything and make sure I have everything
  • Panic, and go through luggage one more time making sure I have everything.
  • write notes for mom -- Patrick's number, authority to sign contracts, authority to poke around in my files.
  • refill medications
  • return fellowship form
  • do blood tests
  • make appointment with Doc Greene upon return.
  • Go to scheduled events on Sat and Mon.
  • anything else that comes up.

that should do it.

Oh yeah, anybody got any ideas for what to do during a forced seven hour break at SFO? It's just the last mass transit bus leaves Colma at 11:30 PM, and I have to kill time until my flight leaves at 6:30 in the morning.

One hundred thirty five hours left, and more than 24 of it will be spent traveling. Yay!

And I need to decide whether I want to get on a bus/train at 11 and get down to the bay area earlier (which *does* make for longer travel times) or risk that the Capitol won't be running more than a half hour late and get on a bus at 2:30.

Busy busy busy!

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