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They say it rained...

Wow, it's hard to believe that vacation is almost half over. It's been a busy one and in some ways rather unbelievable. We had an interesting Canada Day. First, Doug (fearghaill) discovered my collection of KoDT, and we had to drag him away. Then we drug out the boffers, and Doug, Patrick (zibblsnrt), Christy (yushion), Ryan (ratbert),and I went at it with one another. Poor Patrick took the brunt of it, but he's okay.

Then we wandered over to downtown Halifax and basically wandered, more to show me the city than anything. We went to the discovery shop for a bit because the weather had turned a bit nippy even for the natives, and certain members of the party needed to be equipped with keepwarm clothes.

For dinner, we hit the Triangle, which was this awesome Irish style bar, and boy was it *worth* it. I got teased by some of the Canadians for my nationality, and gave it right back, and it was a lot of fun. When we went to pay their tips, it took me a little bit to figure out why the Canadians were paying their tips in coins, until I remembered the existance of loonies and toonies.

After that, some of the gang decided to wander down to the waterfront and get beaver tails (which, as I understand it, are a type of pastry), and Patrick and I just wandered around the waterfront looking around.

We met back at the ferry terminal and tried to decide if we wanted to ferry back to Dartmouth or walk the McDonald Bridge. Christy looked like she wanted to ferry back, and I wanted to walk the bridge. So I offered Ryan one of my Halifax Metro tickets to go back with Christy on the ferry, but Ryan wanted to walk the bridge too.

So to the bridge it was. On the way, we wandered through the Nova Scotia casino (where Patrick and I both presented weird kinds of ID (weird here being defined as "not a Nova Scotia driver's license")). It still bothers me slightly having a casino not on native owned territory (which is where the only casinos are in California...yes, the same thing bothers me in Nevada too.)

And I was walking slowly, especially above the hills. So Christy approaches Doug and Patrick and I and asks if we could take the bridge fast because Ryan was scared of heights. I didn't know how fast I'd be able to take things, so I let the two of them know that they could go on ahead. And they did, which left Patrick and Doug and I together.

Walking the bridge wasn't so bad. I thought I might be scared, because I've been scared of heights before. But there is a railing that is nearly as tall as I am, and so it wasn't that bad. I was even able to throw pennies off the bridge and follow their tracks without being scared.

By this time everything was wet.

But Doug and Patrick and I had a blast anyway, nearly killing ourselves in front of the entrance to McDonald Bridge, and then we went over to Blockbuster so I could meet the infamous Tim. We left Christy and Ryan there, because they were waiting for a bus to go home. Doug and Patrick and I walked down to the waterfront to meet the gang for fireworks. But alas, it was too wet and rainy and thus they canceled the fireworks.

In protest, Doug lit off 96 sparklers at once. That was *COOL*.

And then we all got home. And now my feet hurt.

And so yeah, it's been a lot of fun to be with Patrick and having him to actually hold me when I get teary-eyed and stuff.

So, now to enjoy what's left of my vacation.

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