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Today was just a day.

I bought books. That's about the most notable thing I did. I bought five books. Don't wanna talk about my books yet, though, 'cept, yes, Shad, I bought Godel, Escher, Bach. And I bought a book that Cal recommended to me, and three books to follow an idea I've been playing with. Hopefully they'll come before I disappear on vacation.

I fiddled with the mirc LJ thing, that's cool...and it makes posting IRC stuff a bit easier. We've ran into that problem before.

Otherwise, it was a relatively boring day.


Belief redux: I'm gonna look into what I need to. The good news: Suprisingly, Redding has a branch. Sadly, it's rather small, and they only meet once a month in the summer. :P So, I'm not gonna be able to do much there until August, but in September they go back to regular Sunday meetings. We'll see.

As for why...well, I'm glad Ari played devil's advocate in my LJ. The idea comes here is that yeah, you can walk the spirituality path on your own. But at some time you've got to communicate with people, to make sure you haven't accidentally stepped down the wrong path. And that's kinda what I have in mind, strangely enough. To touch bases back to other people.

And I'd take the other suggestion, 'cept I'm in nowheresville, and well...this town wouldn't be too difficult to see in the Bible belt...I really need to get back to the bay area.


Well, latest Jihad crisis averted or so we hope. Now to keep up the good work.


kudos out to the recent swath of new LJers...elder god, moral support, and the ugly duckling. :)

G'night, I'm going to bed.

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