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why do all my ideas come at three AM?

can't sleep, so I might as well document what's on my mind.

I've decided I want to learn French. Partially because it helps me out on the Canadian Scale of Desirability (which they've changed since I last looked at it. And I'll need the French to qualify now...eeh.) :P It's a serious possibility I could end up moving to the Great White North (and it's not just political reasons for this thought). And in general, it'd be nice to be able to visit Quebec and/or France and understand what's going on. Not to mention, being able to read both sides of the label.

On the one hand, French is five units at Berkeley. Language classes in general are hard things. And the credits don't count towards graduation, because lower division classes don't count towards graduate degrees. On the other hand, it's not Russian, my disability is well documented, and I'm a slightly better student that I was in general, and I can take the class S/U.

I might look into it. Worse comes to worse, I won't be able to pull it off. I'll find some other way to learn French or something.

Still, my best hope for going northwards is to marry a citizen. Hmmm. That might take some doing. ;)

Mailed off my lease today, as welll as things for Cal and Ari. (If you're reading this, and need/wantt my Berkeley address, email me. I might or might not give it to you depending on how well I know ye.) I'll be moving in on the eighteenth of August. Going to talk Luns into helping with the moving. I hope that I get a chance to talk to my roommates about what they're bringing and stuff for the common kitchen/living room. I don't mind sharing my VCR/DVD player, but I hope somebody else has a bigger TV than mine.

I figured out how to use the inkjet photo paper, and have a couple beautiful copies of Patrick and me at the Dartmouth waterfront. Now I need to get a frame to replace the one Britney smashed.

*yawn* I guess I should go to bed now.

See you all in the morning. Sorry for the utterly boring entry.

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