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going to my cousin's wedding. He's my sister's age, and one of five cousins I have that is within eight years of me in age. (I'm the oldest cousin on both sides.) It's kinda an interesting wedding, because the bride's (who isn't my cousin) parents wouldn't approve of the wedding, and the only reason they're getting married now is that they plan to make my Grandma a great-grandma sometime in November. So yeah, kinda a shotgun wedding. Still nifty. He's the first one of us cousins to get married, beating out his older sister and me, who are the only cousins older than he is. This is what my family looks like ATM: (youngest to oldest) (I know I'm assuming heterosexuality, but none of us have really shown any signs of being homosexual -- no offense).

Kristin (M) (16) -- High school junior, has no current boyfriend.
Isaiah (D) (18)-- Just graduated high school, no current girlfriend (to the best of my knowledge)
Jill (S) (20)-- Going to Davis, no current boyfriend.
Stephanie(M) (20)-- Dinking around Redding, has occassional dates, but no steady boyfriend.
Jowel (D) (20) -- Cousin getting married.
Amber(D) (23)-- Has a steady boyfriend and a promise ring. Will prolly get married soon.
Katrina(me, of course) (23) -- After convincing her family she was going to be a spinster, found, much to their shock, a steady boyfriend. (Hi Patrick!)

first parenthesis
M -- my mom's sister's kids.
D -- my dad's sister's kids.
S -- my sibling.

second parenthesis: age

So this should be interesting.

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