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My two cities...

First of all, Berkeley, my adopted hometown, keeps up its wacky reputation:

Political activists were also present, affirming the theme of this year’s festival, "art and politics." Covering the red-brick sidewalk near the BART station entrance were the Green Party, the Socialist Party, the National Women’s Political Caucus, the Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy and Jonathon Keats, who petitioned to turn a law of philosophy into a city ordinance.

The conceptual artist and absurdist, dressed in a three-piece suit on a 90 degree day, is proposing the principle of non-contradiction, which says that every entity must be equal to itself. Or, put simply, A=A. Although a fundamental law of philosophical logic, it has never been introduced into a civic legal code. Most passers-by ignored the petition, some were confused by its premise, and a few were indignant to its uselessness.

But some were game for the idea. Keats managed to collect 65 signatures by the end of the day. However, 24 were not county residents and one was a Mayor Shirley Dean forgery, which left only 42 legitimate signatures. Keats is planning to bring his petition to the next Berkeley City Council meeting in September.

That might be one City Council meeting I'll have to go see.

As for Redding, might not be remembered as "That bloody hot place we broke down while going up I-5..."

Instead it will be remembered for that bigass American flag:

If the Lions get their pole, their U.S. flag will tower about 12 stories high. It will stand just 20 feet from I-5's west fence line — and will dwarf signs for La Quinta Inn and Cattlemens Restaurant on the opposite side of the freeway. Those signs stand roughly 40 feet tall, Ogrey said.

Ogrey has envisioned a huge flag above Redding for more than a year, he said.

The Lions originally wanted to put the lighted flag at the intersection of I-5 and Highway 44. The Redding City Council in March voted to apply for a state Department of Transportation permit for the flag and to supply electricity to light the flag at night. But Caltrans in June denied the club's request, citing motorist safety.

And that's the tale of my two towns. :)

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