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o/~ people voting Republican, give 'em a boot to the head! o/~

My friends know I'm rather liberal on my beliefs. Call it a good dose of four years of Berkeley, where I learned just how conservative and insular Boringtown is. My parents were always moderate Democrats in a HIGHLY Republican area, and in fifth grade, when we all cast ballots for president, I was the only person in my class who voted for Michael Dukakis. With the exception of about a year around the election of '94, I've been flamingly liberal most of my life. I mean, I'm even considering becoming a card carrying member of the ACLU.

In the last presidential election, I, along with a majority of Americans who voted, cast my ballot for Al Gore. And we know how well that worked out.

Anyway, given that we're stuck with W for the next few years (unless somebody assassinates him and in the excitement Cheney keels over...), I figured I'd start to learn about him. And I did that by picking up a really interesting book on Texas politics and W's political career. It's called Shrub:The Short and Happy Political Career of George W. Bush by Molly Ivins. it's a humerous look at Texas politics and our man Shrub. Indeed, it was this reporter who tagged Bush with that nickname. It's a neat book. If you wanna read about our dear President, check it out.

And if you want a laugh at W's sake, check out "That's My Bush!", a show on comedy central by the creators of South Park. They really play up the W is stupid angle, and it's funny as hell. For example, they've already had George accidentally blow up Austria with the SDI system when he was installing illicit cable, and had George (again!) busting out Jack Kevorkian to help with the euthanasia of George's cat. It's funny as hell, especially with Karl Rove being played like the tightass he is.

Until we can re-elect Gore/Lieberman in 2k4, we can at least laugh at Shrub. Helps keep the mind off all the things he HAS done.

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