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Hehehehe, cleaning up my room, I ran across this little gem from HS. I wrote it when I was bored in a teacher's aide job, on a little notepad application for Mac. It was neat practice in writing really short fiction, because I had only about seven pages before it ran out of space. No, I wasn't this kind of student...

I hate school.

Well, maybe hate's too strong of a word, but I really dislike school. Who's got time for all that homework? I sure don't. I mean, I got a social life. I don't have time for such stuff as homework. And tests are even worse. I don't do good on them. Ever. The one time I even attempted to study, I got an "F-". Absolutely horrid! And I broke a nail studying. They didn't warn us about that hazard. I mean, I gotta have a social life! Without that, I'm nothing. Being popular is everything! Who cares if I have to repeat the tenth grade five times if I can just get a date with that hunk in the second row! His name is Bob. Well, actually Robert, but he likes Bob. And he's so cute! Not at all like Erik. Erik was cute, but not like Bob.

Here comes the teacher. He's got the test we took sometime last week, I don't remember when. What! He's accusing me of cheating! Hey, listen, I may not study but I don't cheat! Well, I may have got a few answers off Susie, but I don't...

What? That's cheating? How come I wasn't informed of this at the beginning of the year? I get one telephone call. I'm calling my lawyer. We'll see you in court.

So I sued him. Big deal. I didn't win because I think the stupid judge was related to him. Or maybe I should have read my civics book. Not like I do, or anything, but still. Just let me tell you. You got to stand up for your rights. The right to talk on the telephone. The right to "borrow" a few answers off your friend's test. The right to party. The right to veg out in front of the TV any time you want to. And most important, the right not to do your homework if you don't feel like it. Please contribute to the Teen Defense Fund.


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