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Rumination and Chasing Amy...

And who by fire
Who by water
Who in the sunshine
Who in the nighttime
Who by high ordeal
Who by common trial
Who in your merry, merry, month of May
Who by very slow decay
And who, who shall I say
Is calling?
--Leonard Cohen, "Who By Fire"

Watched Chasing Amy tonight. It was good in a different way than Clerks and Dogma, and I'm hardpressed to list the three of them in any semblance of order now. And I think I figured out what bugged me about was just a bunch of guys hanging out in the mall. No overlying theme to it that I could make out. It wasn't horrible, Mallrats was quite hilarious in places, the final estimation, something just fell flat about it.

Chasing Amy, OTOH, isn't a comedy. I don't care what the video store says, and they prolly shelf it with comedy because everything else Kevin Smith has made fits quite firmly in that category, and I would hate to be the video store clerk who has to deal with "I looked in Comedy and I couldn't find Chasing Amy, do you not have it?"

The movie is about wrong and bad choices, and how not dealing with them can fsck up your present life pretty badly. All three of the main characters had problems in their past...problems that got in the way of their today. And it worked out that it ruined at the same time the main character's connection to the one he loved, and to his best friend. At the same time. It hurts, sure. And time may never heal all wounds.

In a strange way, it felt like the last few months around these parts. Bad decisions, horrible decisions were made, misunderstandings happened, things went out of control. Life isn't always happy. Sometimes it ends bad, and there is no hope of putting it back the way it was. There are times when "I'm sorry" isn't enough.

Check it out. Damned good movie.

Went and watched the fireworks at my dad's friend's place. I was disappointed, as once again we had false advertising. They advertise the fireworks show as "Anderson Explodes!" I hate to inform you all that after the fireworks show was over, Anderson is still in one piece.

But fireworks still give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, and I'll talk about it a bit more tomorrow on my ruminations on patriotism. Yes, even die hard liberals can be patriots, and I'll explain more tomorrow. The fourth is the best day for this...

Two days 10 and 1/2 hours. I'm doomed.


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