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Update on situations....

quick note to those paying attention.

to the scenario alluded to in the last post, I took the first step today and told my DSP counselour I needed out. Now.

Things, of course, have to make their way through the University bureaucracy (as I live in on campus housing), but my DSP counselour will call the RD and talk about things, and see if maybe I can get out. In the meantime, Aaron (who is my DSP counselour) told me, that if I feel unsafe at any point until this deal is done, I'm to walk out and find somewhere else to stay for a couple days. Better to have a kat who's out some money on finding a safe place to stay than a dead kat, or a kat in Herrick (the local mental hospital)...both things that would screw my semester over royally.

So beyond finding safe places for me if I need's done. The first step is taken. Hopefully, by this time next month, I'll either be in a different room here, or I'll be rooming with a Canadian. (Unfortunately, not the Canadian I love, but the Canadian who is my best Berkeley friend...but that's okay, Luns is awesomely cool, and knows me. And he's the one that volunteered to live with me!)

So yeah. To first steps. Baby steps. But the right steps indeed.

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