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the big pressing worry...and Dogma:SE

Yeah. I said I'd write an essay on patriotism. I'll get around to it, right now I don't feel like explaining. It is a jingoistic holiday, yes. I have a list of things to do right now, and I'm trying to put it all on hold for this test.

I did two things today. Went repeatedly through the disk I was handling taking practice exams, and watched some of my Dogma:Special Edition disk. It was, I have to admit, funny as hell to hear Silent Bob's voice doing all the commentary, and Jay only pitching in with a comment here and there. 'course, Kevin Smith is the director and the writer, so he's definitely got a lot more to say about the movie. And Jason Mewes is just Jay.

As for the test, well...I'm not feeling quite so doomed. After three straight near misses, I managed an 87 (12 questions missed, about half of 'em being RFQ/RFA questions) and 91 (7 wrong, 2 1/2 RFQ/RFA). If I can slow myself down long enough to read the fscking questions and answers and not panic in the middle of the exam...well, I SHOULD be a CCNA by 4 PM friday. But we'll see. Don't want to be too optimistic going into the test, but I don't want to go in dreading it.


I wanna type up a few rants on different ideas brewing in my head, but ladies and gentlement, I'll have to wait until Friday evening to post it. We'll see

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