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spare it Friday yet?

grabbing a spare moment.

Presentation today. Didn't sleep all that well, kept having strange dreams about Hawaii. Particularly in that tides depended on when planes could go, so that was really strange right there. I feel more nervous than I should be. It's just a presentation, for crying out loud...

But yeah, I'm tired than I should be just simply because I spent a lot of time lying in bed with my eyes closed pretending to sleep in the hope that would lure my body to actually sleep. And it did work, eventually, but that's when I started having all the crazy dreams. So as it stands, it's now early, and I'm a bit tired.

On the other hand, I've cleaned myself.

okay. get busy, so I can stop by the coffee store and pick up something for breakfast before meeting Dave at school.

I'll let you know how it went later.
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