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Blame Luns...

I'm not sure why I get caught up in his madcap schemes, just that I do...

And that's why I'm sitting here typing at 5:30 AM instead of being in bed.

On the other hand, we found out we know the same person through different fashions. In other words, Luns was poking through the New Student Record for 1996, and stumbled upon a girl whom he went roadtripping with. I looked at the picture, and the name, and it struck me that one of my freshman year suitemates had been named Galina, the name of the girl he was showing me. Through a pooling of random facts, we were able to determine that we were talking about the same person. Small world sometimes. Best quote of the night, "She's Taiwanese, was the Galina you knew Taiwanese?" "I don't know, y'all look the same to me." (Luns is Chinese. Well, actually he's Canadian, but he is ethnically Chinese. I write native american on my forms, but am mostly Irish, and look it.)

anyway, that was the fun for the night. And we have the OCF windows machines talking to the Samba domain controller. Happy. :)

signing off. Tomorrow, I'll skip the football game (Heresy! I know! But I have schoolwork!) and do lots of reading on the digital divide and XML. And hopefully, by tomorrow evening, I'll have the start of a paper on the digital divide due on Tuesday. And maybe, if I get a chance, I'll start hacking on the 255 assignment.

But sleep first.

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